Home & School Association

All families are members of the Home School Association (HSA). We invite all of our parents to become active participants in this important organization. Annual contributions are collected from each family. The Home and School will suggest the contribution amount. The money collected enables the organization cover the cost of much of the work they do for our students and staff throughout the year and keeps other types of fundraising to a minimum. Please note that if your family is not able to financially afford this Home and School contribution, you and your children are still able to fully participate in all Home and School activities. We ask that in lieu of giving monetarily, that you consider volunteering your time at one of our many activities during the year. 

Our Home School Association's mission is "to promote a spiritual and educational partnership between parents and staff for the benefit of our children." Our Home and School Association organizes and puts on many wonderful family events during the year. Please join in the fun and sign-up to help when you can. This is a great way to become involved in the school family and will give you the opportunity to meet other wonderful families. Please join us at the monthly Home and School meetings when you are able. 

HSA Meeting Minutes

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