Learning Services

Learning Services at our Elementary Campuses is to support our school community.  We work with students' individual strengths and challenges to assist their learning in the classroom.  We do this through the use of best practices. Much instruction uses materials that parallel the classroom with similar learning objectives. Our goal is to ensure meaningful learning, taking each student from his/her individual level and moving him/her forward to be confident life-long learners!  We work with children both individually and in small groups, either in their classroom or in a quiet learning space in school.

Because each student and class and grade is different, each year is different for us and the needs of the students. We see our teaching as a flexible schedule changing each quarter. The following topics are examples of what has been provided when able:
--Barton Reading Program
--WonderWorks Reading Program (in conjunction with the school Wonders Reading Program)
--Guided Reading Plus
--Comprehension Reading Groups
--Math Support
--Math Thinking Groups
--Journal Writing

We enjoy helping the students grow and learn each day!